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Kerry F. Morrison
Media & News
We believe the key to public support for solutions and outreach begins with getting the people to truly understand the Salton Sea region. That begins with media outreach; writing, video production, photography and events. We have had the opportunity to foster working relationships with diverse productions on an ongoing basis including: 

TV News:  Local, San Diego, LA, Yuma, Korean, Australian, French etc 
Newspaper: LA Times, Washington Post, Daily Bulletin, Desert Sun, Borrego Sun, etc. 
Online: – Associated Press, Getty Images, Countless Blogs and websites
Radio: – NPR, OC, College & Local Radio in California and Oregon
Magazines: – The Atlantic, Hollywood Elevator, WIRED, Local outlets

To me, public relations is the art of sharing information and content with the community and stakeholders, for the aim of achieving positive collaborative change. I have worked to combine passions into a career in public service, with a love of  music, art, science, environment, multi media production, human communications,.

I founded The EcoMedia Compass, and our Save Our Sea! Campaign in 2011, and look forward to continuing restoration efforts with renewed passion and support from the region.

For change to occur, people need to come together over a common goal. At these events, our goal was awareness, education and environmental solutions through music, art, science and community.Fashion.html

SOS Press Conference

Save Our Sea! Festival

Salton Sea Artists Association

Best Community Float

Salton Sea Christmas Parade

Save Our Sea! LA

Blue Carpet Event

Tech & Solutions Showcase & Rally

SOS HQ Gratitude Wall

West Shores

Chamber of Commerce


Salton Sea Walk

The Salton Sea W/Pitzer College

Save Salton Sea W/

Bohemian Bottega

Save Our Sea!

By The EcoMedia Compass

Salton Sea Walk

Thank You. I sincerely look forward to working with you and our non-profit clients!

Creative Writing:

The Most Active Salton Sea Social Media:

The EcoMedia Compass

Also built and run the online presence for:

*Vista Del Mar Homeowners Association

*West Shores Chamber of Commerce

*West Shores Baptist Church

*Salton Sea Artist’s Association.

Non-Profit History:

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