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      of an ecoMedia artist

Raised in Southern California 
 with a spirit well traveled, KFMorrison is a multimedia artist dedicated to bringing environmental awareness through the mediums of music and art. Science can be cool. After working in the music industry and Greenpeace, KFMorrison founded the non-profit
group: The EcoMedia Compass.
With a great crew, they have been campaigning for the last few years at Southern California’s “Salton Sea”, to bring solutions through awareness and education. 
Restoration for this beautiful but troubled place can be found if we are loud enough and treat the environment like a friend instead of a disposable resource..
Kerry has studied at 7 different colleges, ranging from communications, psychology, music, ecology and acting.
With a vocal sound that can touch from alternative pop to soulful sounds reminiscent of cherished years past, the diverse sounds of KFMorrison have an appeal to a wide range of audiences.
With a love for singing, playing piano, guitar, ukelele, harmonica and computer, these sounds can travel to your hearts!
In his free time, outside of Directing The EcoMedia Compass, he can be found
spending time in nature, exercising his love for music, photography, videography and sailing through life with family and friends..